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About Us

Market Extend is a online marketing agency located in San Francisco. We have years of experience working with San Francisco Bay Area companies to achieve their online marketing goals. Our work is focused in three practice areas: Insight, Training, and Management.

Practice Areas


Our insight sessions are offered to answer your biggest questions about online marketing. The conversation can review tools, strategies, and program management options.


We’ll teach you how to fish. Learn the best practices for online customer acquisition. Our training programs are tailored to meet your business objectives.


Market Extend provides management of online marketing programs including paid search engine marketing, landing page optimization, and much more.


We’ve worked with some of the best Silicon Valley and San Francisco startups. Below are a few of the B2B and B2C companies we’ve had as clients.

B2B Companies

Market Extend built large paid search engine marketing campaigns for DeepDyve and provided search engine optimization services.
For DocuSign, Market Extend managed SEM, SEO, web analytics, landing page optimization, and more.
Market Extend managed the paid search campaigns for the launch of the FUZE web conferencing product.
Market Extend managed paid search marketing campigns for Innotas and provided landing page consulting.
Market Extend analyzed Yola’s paid search efforts using visual analytics with Tableau Software, and provided recommendations for campaign optimization.

B2C Companies

Market Extend performed all the SEO work for ebay’s launch of ebay Classifieds.
For CafePress, Market Extend used Tableau Software to create an analytics portal that combined data from various systems to provide executives a daily view into online marketing and sales activity.
myfab was a European company that sold designer furniture at bargain prices. Market Extend organized the U.S. test launch for myfab was acquired by Fab in 2013.
Market Extend setup and optimized paid search marketing campigns for SmartLab Toys.
Market Extend provided search engine marketing consulting to Organic Bouquet.