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Online Marketing Services

Search Engine Marketing

Paid Search Engine Marketing

We've planned, implemented, and managed successful search engine marketing campaigns using Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask. Market Extend can evaluate your current paid search marketing efforts or start new campaigns for your company.

Search Engine Optimization

Market Extend can harness free Web traffic for your business. We've developed large-scale search engine optimization projects. We'll help you rearchitect your website and provide link building strategies to make sure the search engines take notice.

Search Ad Text Translation

We'll take your paid search marketing ads and translate them into any language while keeping to the proper character limits as required by the search engines.

Search Marketing Competitive Analysis

Do you have a competitor doing very well with paid search marketing? Do you wish you could see their keyword list, how much they pay per click, and how the search volume they receive a day? This information is invaluable.…


Landing Page Optimization

Are your landing pages converting for you? There's no way to know without testing. Market Extend develops landing pages optimization plans, develops the creative, and manages the test.

Offer Testing

What's better a % off discount or a fixed dollar discount. The only way to know with your situation is through testing. Market Extend can craft an offer testing plan tailored to the needs of your business.

Conversion Funnel Optimization

If you increase the number of people that make it past each stage of your conversion funnel, your overall number of conversions increases. While that makes sense, often times companies attempt to make improvements before fully understanding how the steps…


Landing Page Copy

Great copywriting is crucial to online marketing success. Market Extend will write high converting landing page copy for your product or service.

Technical Blog Posts

Our technical writers can craft technical blog posts based on your presentations, white papers, and case studies. This service is sold in minimum blocks of ten technical blog posts per order.

Nurture Emails

We'll develop email nurture sequences to foster relationships with prospective customers and strengthen connections with existing customers.


Tableau Software

Tableau Software provides an amazingly powerful platform for visual analytics. With Tableau it becomes easy to slice and dice data in a visual way. Market Extend can transform your marketing data into reports and dashboards powered by Tableau. Identify trends…

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the standard in web analytics. While almost everyone has it installed, many companies, do not have it setup properly, or could greatly improve their existing setup. Market Extend can provide an audit of your current Google Analytics…

Mixpanel Implementation

Mixpanel is our favorite analytics tool for conversion funnel optimization and user retention. Market Extend can offer best practices for setting up Mixpanel, manage the complete setup of your Mixpnal implementation, and run conversion funnel optimization experiments using the data…

Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing

Market Extend can help you implement email marketing best practices, develop customer retention plans, build email creative, and analyze the results.

Product Launches

Does your company need help crafting the marketing plan for an upcoming product launch. Market Extend has handled the online marketing for many product launches.

Reputation Management

Wikipedia Page Editing

Wikipedia is a world unto itself. It has strange rules and customs. If you don't navigate the waters properly the Wikipedia editors may remove your company's Wikipedia page, or may change it in ways you don't like. Ask us about…