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To protect the interests of our clients, Market Extend does not share information about the work we complete for clients. Below are a few examples of the types of results we’ve been able to produce for clients.


  • For a B2C client, we grew leads from zero to over five thousand leads per week within a span of twelve months.
  • For a small B2C company with no prior paid search campaign, Market Extend established a paid search campaign which generated 50 leads per week at a cost of $10 per lead.


  • For a B2B client in a highly competitive market, we reduced the client’s cost-per-lead from paid search marketing from $75 down to $20, and as low as $16 on brand related terms.
  • For a B2B client, Market extend developed a new landing page template for testing. In the end our testing determined the older design with some simple copy changes greatly outperformed the new design.
  • For a B2B client, using paid search marketing, we increased leads by 40% in the span of six months.
  • For a B2B client, we used landing page optimization to increase the conversion rate from 7% to over 13%.

Costs Savings

  • For a leading charity evaluation service, we combined multivariate testing with a survey in an effort to uncover the types of information that motivates donors to make financial contributions. Because we combined data from newer, lower-cost tools, the project ended up costing fraction of the amount the client had been quoted by other firms.
  • For a lead generation client, we reverse engineered a competitor’s paid search campaign. This allowed the client’s new campaign to be profitable at launch.


  • Market Extend analyzed the paid search campaigns of a B2B client using visual analytics from Tableau software. Based on the results, we recommended changes to their campaigns, and suggested they drop the paid search marketing optimization tool they had been using.
  • For a B2C client, Market Extend used Tableau software to rank which keywords to pursue through search engine optimization.

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